The Best Handheld Card Counter for your bank or credit union

The Swipe CC-18 handheld card counter is full of features crafted to simplify your card counting jobs. Literally, count your cards in seconds with just the swipe of a hand at 100% accuracy. Tackle your day-to-day card counting and card management procedures hassle-free. If your business handles bank cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and more, use the Swipe counter to quickly and efficiently manage your inventory – while minimizing waste, fingerprints and grime on the cards.


Swipe handheld card counter
Powered for performance

Powered for performance

98% extra time boost and 85% greater accuracy when counting with the Swipe card counter versus by by hand

Wide range of card types

Wide range of card types

The Swipe CC-18 is designed to count all types of bank cards including smart cards, magnetic-stripe cards, contact IC cards, contactless cards, dual interface cards, color core cards, metal cards and more (12 -30 mil thick).

Ergonomic comfort settings

Ergonomic comfort settings

Select screen orientation to accommodate left or right users. Sculpted shape supports the curves of the hand -- for comfort that saves time

Swipe handheld card counter - Save time and effort

Cut time & work & improve accuracy

Quickly, efficiently, and accurately count your bank cards. High performance Scanning and Media Detection Technology reduces human error associated with hand counts. Say goodbye to the tedious and time consuming effort of manual counting. Use the Swipe handheld counter to count as many as 500 cards with a single swipe of the hand.

Low Learning Curve & Hassle-free Operation

User-friendly, versatile and ergonomic, the Swipe card counter powers on with a touch and boots up in seconds, no calibration required. Straightforward counting commands and left-hand and right-hand modes makes operations a breeze.

Swipe handheld card counter user-friendly
Swipe handheld card counter in custom colors

Custom Colors to Match Your Branding

Don’t like the default color? Or, do you prefer your own brand colors? Find out how to easily customize the color of the Swipe to your liking (Choose up to two colors).

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Bulk Accumulate Mode

Bulk Accumulate Mode

Easily count large volumes for single, running and grand sum totals

Lightweight & Easy to Handle

Lightweight & Easy to Handle

The Swipe is an easy to handle and manage weight of 175 g (6 oz).

Auto Shut Off & Data Recovery

Auto Shut Off & Data Recovery

Recover data quickly from unexpected shutdown or prolonged idle time.

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