Swipe CC-18 Handheld Card Counter

The Swipe CC-18 – Fast, Accurate and Reliable
Our  Swipe CC-18 Handheld Card Counter counts your cards in seconds with just the swipe of a hand at 100% accuracy. It helps save you the time and effort needed when counting cards manually. This high-performance portable counting machine counts cards including credit, debit, and bank cards to magnetic-stripe cards, contact IC cards, Contactless cards, clear cards, colored cards, embossed cards, and even metal cards. And– it does it all with great precision and speed.

The Swipe is ergonomically designed and feels comfortable in hand. It features very uncomplicated user-friendly functions such as: Switch on/off Accumulation mode, Clear Current Data, Reset Whole Count including Accumulation Count. Switch between “Left/Right hand” screen orientations and Reset Device. Ships same day.

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Product Details

Card counting can be an infuriatingly time-consuming and tedious task. Use the Swipe CC-18 handheld card counter to bring basic organization and increased customer satisfaction to your bank or credit union. The Swipe card counter delivers up to a count of 100 cards per second. In ten seconds you can count as many as 1000 cards.

Count your cards in seconds with just the swipe of a hand at 100% accuracy. This includes credit, debit, and bank cards of all types including metal cards.

This time saving allows you more time to earn money and improve customer engagement by doing all the counting work while eliminating count errors and improving accuracy.

Unlike other handheld card counters that offer ONLY standard battery use, the Swipe CC-18 features BOTH standard AA battery power as well as the long-term lithium battery option, making it a perfect counting tool for small to larger card counting jobs.

The Swipe CC-18 consumes less than 150 mW when working and 138 μW when idle. It works in a quiet and efficient noiseless environment at 0db
Batch functions allow allows preset 5-500 and creates batches of 1-999 card stacking and storage.

Free storage cradle and a ful1 one-year warranty are included with this machine.

Stay PCI DSS Compliant. Meeting the requirement for PCI DSS is a fact of life for any organization that transmits, processes, or stores payment card data. These include but are not limited to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, lending agencies, brokerage firms, and transaction processors.

The Swipe is easily customized to suit the design of your facility and brand. Simply request yours at no additional charge. Feeling indecisive? Stick with the standard colors!


  • At a time when instant card issuance have become the norm, the integrity of onsite pre-activated cards needs to be protected and controlled effectively.
  • PCI rules dictate a twice a day physical count of in-stock credit and debit cards similar to currency sitting in the Bank.
  • Software tracking of your card inventory (including daily issuance and waste) is ideally and more securely complemented by physical tracking.


The Swipe is an efficient go-to option for banks and credit unions due to enhanced portability, convenience, speedy results, versatility ― and time savings.

  • Lightweight, easy to use and facilitates simple application counts and accumulate counts.
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries standard or rechargeable. Guaranteed for over 2,000 count sessions.
  • Small price and a full one-year warranty.
  • Sells through centralized Bank procurement for each branch.
  • Can be customized to your Bank’s brand color (2 optional colors).
  • Clear user-friendly manual and warranty information.
  • Convenient 8¼” x 5¼” x 3½“ storage box included.
  • The CC-18 is designed for all types of banking cards.

Quick Feature List

  • Newest technology smart chip and fast scan response time.
  • Seamless LED Screen display for optimum readability.
  • Double precision check, compatibility with multiple media.
  • Low power circuit is designed for long lasting usage.
  • Ergonomically designed comfort for left and right handed users.
  • Customized with more function options to facilitate an expandable interface.

Technical specs

Model: CC-18
Card Thickness: > 0.40mm
Screen: E-ink screen
Accuracy: > 99.9%
Power Supply: Twin AA battery
Consumption: Working: <150mW
Standby: <198μW
Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Size: 166mm x 75mm x 40mm
6½” x 3“x 1½”
Weight: 175g/ 6 oz (with battery)
Accessories: Instruction manual
Customized options • Rechargeable lithium battery
• Barcode scanner. Wireless transport function for barcode scanned data

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Product Features

Product Details

best value

Best Value

The swipe handheld card counter offers superb value and high-end performance for less. It's the ONLY card counter in its price range to offer the functionality and features of more expensive competitors with features  ranging from screen accumulation counts to left and right hand ergonomic design and up to 2000 counting swipes per charge cycle.

 No more manual counting

No More Manual Counting

Minimize tedious and tiring manual counting with the help of the Swipe Handheld Card Counting machine. Speed up counts, which would be traditionally done by hand.

Time saving

Time Savings

Card counter makes it quick and easy when counting cards, which facilitates faster reporting of card counts and help save you time This in turn translates into a more cost-efficient program

Eliminate Human Errors

Zap away human counting errors . Automated counting lowers the error rate  per count sample and does not suffer form the subjectivity that is unavoidable during a manual count.

E-ink technology

E-ink Technology

E-ink electronic paper display technology displays with negligible power requirements. In fact they can display content without any connection at all. Beside low power consumption and indefinite display time, they are characterized by strong visibility and contrast, wide viewing angles. This make them easy to read in bright light.


User Friendly

Easy power-on and screen readability, real-time bulk-accumulation count, data recovery functionality and  ergonomic grip  support for both for left and right handed users.

Optimum reporting

Optimum reporting

Faster more immediate add and batch counts allow for quicker analysis reports. Data recovery provides opportunities for for reevaluation  and stronger reporting

Maximize scalability

Maximize scalability

Manually tabulating inventory of any kind is not scalable. Enhance your Swipe with more functionality at minimum effort. The Swipe offers multiple function options that can easily be incorporated for an even more versatile interface.

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